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2012-12-12 11:16 pm

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[ Connie and York are still asleep when he crawls out of bed at nearly two in the morning. He's sore and exhausted and shaky most of all, which means that sleep isn't going to happen any time soon. He takes his jacket off of the back of a chair and slides it on, and realizes he can't go with armor without being too loud. Well. The garden zones are safe enough, he figures, arming himself, slipping out the door with a note scrawled for the girls.

He makes it there shortly, and finds the nearest hill, flopping back onto his back, enjoying the press of grass. The desert hasn't been awful, but that and a ship-- god, he's just grateful for grass. ]
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2012-12-10 05:48 pm

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“I need help.”
Cut! )

* Natasha - changed name for Natalie since lol not using real names. * Shelly - name of the kid. * L. C. - ME MAKING UP what Connie's name is under York and Wash's phones. (Laura Connecticut) since I'm unoriginal. * Y Raisins. - In a previous fic raisins was a code word, sob. York that's your name now.
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2012-12-03 05:15 pm

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Canon from their backstory!

Partners in crime: [personal profile] tuskenlancer and [personal profile] neverknocks

Pre Axios:

Connie/Wash - (She's been getting better about adjusting to the idea of all of this, the three of them together - getting used to the idea that it's okay for her to express feelings for both of them. They haven't done much yet, but just touching seems to help keep Wash grounded there with them, and she's seen York just take his hands or put her arm around him and talk to him, quiet and soothing until that lost look leaves his eyes.) LOG

Wash/York - It's not the best place to nap but it works. He sprawls out onto the couch, curled up in a nest of blankets, and watches television until he falls asleep again, coffee brewing. He wakes up for Connie heading to work, and brings his lukewarm coffee with him to the bedroom, crawling back into bed with her, into the warmth CT left behind, pressing his face into her shoulder from behind. LOG


Talking to York


Awareness. Chronologically first in all of this stuff. 
Raisins. Takes place after/at the same time as Awareness. 
Olympic Judges. Rated M. No real timeline. 
Holiday Spirit. T for implied sexytime. Takes place after an unposted fic where a tree gets purchased.